A great effort is axed on results dissemination. The cooperation between partners of this project will allow a better communication of results and more effective information.

These various actions interest particularly the managers of forest environments (CSF, ONF, Mercantour National Park) for the protection and conservation forests by an adapted global management.

Every year, results of this project will be communicated at European scale during international conferences and these results will serve in international environment policies such as the Kyoto Protocol under the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC), the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP) and the Forest Resources Assessment (FRA). These project activities will be carried out in collaboration with the main forest networks of dissemination in the field of air pollution and climate change, that is: IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organizations) Research group 7.01.00 Impacts of Air Pollution and Climate Change on Forest Ecosystems; and COST Action FP0903 “Climate Change and Forest Mitigation and Adaptation in a Polluted Environment”.

Main objectives are

  1. To increase sensitive communities’ and public decision maker’s awareness about an environmental issue
  2. To provide decision-support tools for prevention policies and
  3. To ensure a significant contribution to the implementation of EU policy and legislation.

Methods employed

During the project and after the end of the project, the following communication and dissemination activities are implemented.

Workshops and seminars

Workshops and technical seminars have an important function for communication and the exchange of information. FO3REST partners will present rationale and results of the project at national and international conferences dealing with topics related to FO3REST research and air pollution/climate change impacts in general. The transfer of knowledge outside the FO3REST consortium will be supported.

The FO3REST consortium will organize an international workshop in Turin, three months before the official end date. This international workshop will allow a presentation of the project and will serve to disseminate activities and results.


  • The Layman’s report will be produced at the end of the project. It will present the project, its objectives, its actions and its results to a general public and for political decision-makers. The report is an important tool for international dissemination of results.

  • Publication of articles in scientific journals,

  • Technical reports.

Other communication tools

4 notice boards have been erected, in plots very frequented by the general public and accessible, at the beginning of the activities indicating a description of the project and of its objectives and results.

Press releases.

Educational activities and didactic works with local schools: awareness campaign to climate change in primary and secondary schools