Networking with other projects

This action provides a platform for networking of LIFE projects to gather the future information needs of European Commission and other stakeholders, in particular with regard to climate change, biodiversity and air pollution. The wider aim of this initiative is to establish close cooperation between scientific and other stakeholders that have been involved in the environmental problem targeted, towards the effective conservation of the forests in Europe.

Finally, the “Network of LIFE” projects will create a network of experts on these issues and shall in particular:

  • Promote the collection, analysis and dissemination of forest information in relation to climate change, biodiversity, air pollution, and forest conditions.

  • Increase the harmonisation and effectiveness of forest monitoring.

  • Contribute information needed for sustainable forest management.

  • Build capacities at national and Community level to permit coordination and guidance of forest monitoring in Europe.


This action allows cooperating with the scientists involved, especially, in the following LIFE projects:



The FutMon project (LIFE07 ENV/D/000218) allowed the creation of a pan-European forest monitoring system which can serve as a basis for the provision of policy relevant information on forests in the European Union.


The project (LIFE07 ENV/E/000824) contributed to the adaptation of Mediterranean forest ecosystems to the negative impacts of climate change through sustainable forest management.


Basically, DEMETRA (LIFE08 NAT/IT/000342) aims at assessing the risks due to the presence of transgenic crops. The main goal is the definition of a quick monitoring index which supports decision-makers to identify the areas where to position the environmental monitoring network at local level.


Climforisk (LIFE09 ENV/FI/000571) investigates climate effects on forests and this project merges several forest related data sources and ecosystem models to predict carbon and water balances of forests, and vulnerabilities of forests to drought, pest and pathogen damages.


An experts' workshop will be organised during the FO3REST project. In this workshop, scientists who participated in the projects mentioned above will be invited to share their experiences and contribute propositions for the best implementation of the project.