General progress

The overall project management and coordination is carried out by ACRI-ST. ACRI-ST is responsible for the technical direction of the activities and overall quality assurance.Main activities and preliminary results are:

Action 0: Project management and monitoring

  • A well-organised team
  • Development and implementation of the monitoring protocol
  • Implementation of working plan

Action 1: Exposure vs. visible symptoms

  • Ozone trends analysis around the South European Mediterranean basin
  • Follow-up at 49 plots across Italy and 30 plots in South-eastern France
  • Implementation of the ozone and meteorological models
  • Collection of the tree growth data
  • Ozone-induced symptoms assessment at 54 plots in France and Italy
  • Modelling of the stomatal ozone uptake by the DO3SE model
  • First statistical analyses

Action 2: Measurements of ozone fluxes – Refinement of methods

  • Campaigns at Castelporziano, San Rossore, Fontblanche, Puéchabon
  • First comparisons between measured and modelled stomatal ozone fluxes
  • First validation of the stomatal flux model DO3SE for a mixed Mediterranean forest
  • First results on the cause-effect relationship between ozone and forest health data
  • Protocol for the ABA dosages and biochemical analysis

Action 3: Spatial variability of ozone impacts

  • Collect of necessary data
  • Mapping: AOT40 and Phytotoxic Ozone Dose (POD) in 2010, 2011 and 2012

Action 4: Dissemination activities

  • Project’s website operational, on-line and regularly updated
  • Participation to conferences and workshops (ICPs, national, international…)
  • 2 scientific papers published and 2 other under process
  • Many communication and dissemination tools: school visits, flyers, posters, brochures

Action 5: Networking with other projects

  • Networking with other projects
  • Intense cooperation DEMETRA-FO3REST
  • Participation to Experts' workshops, exchange of experience